Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees - Edward Dean

Rev. Edward L. Dean, Ph.D.

Rev. Edward L. Dean is an esteemed minister, counselor, and financial officer whose career began in the Aerospace Industry. Within his 38 years of service at Raytheon Systems Company (RSC), previously Hughes Aircraft Company, he was afforded opportunities to work in several capacities. Rev. Dean’s versatility as a manager and team player were illustrated in his transition from hands-on engineering to managing corporate business aspects of RSC from an engineering, research, and marketing perspective. After a fulfilling career in the Aerospace Industry, he retired in August of 1998.

Rev. Dean obtained a BS degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management/Finance from Los Angeles State University. The dynamics of his hands on programs experience granted him extensive knowledge in CMI (Continue Measurable Improvement) Leadership, Front-End of the Business Management and Planning System, Defense /Aerospace Marketing Management, Integrated Product Development (using IPD teams), and Beyond Borders: Ethics in International Business.

Furthermore, Rev. Dean received his Ph.D. in Philosophy in Clinical Christian Psychology from Cornerstone University in 2008, and the cohesion of his passion and wisdom produced a harvest of ministry opportunities. For instance, Rev. Dean is currently the co-founder of Road of Sweet Eternity, Inc., a nonprofit organization, and Road of Success Coaching and Counseling, LLC, a for profit organization. Both entities provide coaching and clinical counseling to individuals from numerous walks of life.

Rev. Dean is currently a volunteer staff minister at Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, where he has been a faithful member since 1994. He extends his services to the ministry by way of utilizing his gifts to bless others. Rev. Dean serves on the Faith Fellowship Community Development Corporation (FFCDC) Board of Directors as a Financial Officer, where he provides financial over-sight as it pertains to FFCDC Executive Leader for its business operations. In addition, he is the Director of the Solidarity Ministries (i.e. Men of the Word, Victorious Women in Christ, and Singles Ministries), which is a FFMWOC ministry established to meet, encourage & providing a forum to disciple, be a point of contact, and a blessing to the church congregate.
He is married to Rev Rose M. Dean, Ph. D. and between them they have six children, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren. They enjoy golfing and vacationing in the Caribbean.

Board of Trustees - Sammy Pena

Sammy Peña

Sammy Peña is a Fulltime minister who for the last 7 years has been on staff at FFMWOC. He has worked in the Launching of the FFM Latino Service. Has traveled to 7 different countries as a co-leader of FFM Sozo Missions.

For the last 5 years has worked as a Housing Counselor for FFCDC. He is bilingual and also works as a Freelance Interpreter/Translator. He is now part of the Pastoral Care Dept. at Faith Fellowship. Sammy loves to express his passion about seeing lives changed by the power of God’s Love in everything he does. The Essence of who he is and what he does is all grounded on the finished work of Jesus on the Cross and the demonstration of God’s Grace.

Blake-VelazquezBlake Velazquez

Blake Velazquez, the 21 year old Director and Founder of Triple Threat Ministries International, is a graduate of the 14th Faith International Training School Class of 2008 at Faith Fellowship Ministries. He currently serves a youth leader under Pastor Jacob and Tara Burgei at Faith Generation Youth Church. In 2010, God placed a burning desire in his heart to see a generation changed and positively influenced through Jesus Christ. Using the game of basketball to transcend racial, ethnic, and religious barriers, he hopes to minister to communities, and see them
United for Christ.