Next Event Happening on June 18th 2016

2016/06/18 08:08:24

Who We Are

We strive to deliver the message to the streets with love, committed excellence, hosting an elite tournament that will not just award athletes, but give them hope for a better future, lasting a life time. Using the game of basketball to transcend racial and ethnic barriers to bring hope to communities.

The Vision

Our vision for Triple Threat is to host elite basketball tournaments through-out the tri-state area with a positive message and a safe environment.
Our mission is to give athletes the opportunity to showcase their skills.


Triple Threat International (TTI) is a 501©(3) organization whose mission is to use the great sport of basketball as a tool to promote the values of self worth, personal integrity, service to family and community, and achievement. Our modus operandi is to stage safe, drug-free, family friendly basketball tournaments in local communities, complete with slam dunk contests, jerseys, free food, and trophies for the winners.

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